Cedars Restaurant & Lounge
Takeout Menus

Want to experience Cedars in your own home? Try one of our set dinner menus.
We’ve got your family covered for dinner for two or for four with these shared plate menus.

Applicable taxes and gratuities are additional.

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7:30am to 11:30am
Order: 250-248-2333

Light Breakfast

Yogurt Parfait           12
natural yogurt, house made granola, fresh fruit

Fresh Daily Muffins          3

Cinnamon Buns           5

Multigrain Bagel          5
cream cheese

Egg BLT             12
choice of: multigrain bagel or brioche bun
two free run eggs, smoked bacon, butter lettuce & basil parmesan mayo
add:  half avocado   2 ¼


Coffee 3 ½
Apple Juice 2 ½
Orange Juice 3
Specialty Coffee 4

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Main Menu


5pm to 9pm
Order: 250-248-2333


Cedars Land & Sea   
For 2: 85
For 4: 155

Skillet Bread & Butter
Braised beef – demi
Cedar plank wild salmon
Stuffed chicken
Fingerling potatoes
Seasonal vegetables
Cheesecake – berry compote
Peanut butter pie
Flourless chocolate torte


Rotisserie Chicken   
½: 35  
Whole: 65

Fingerling Potatoes
Seasonal vegetables
Chicken sauce
Skillet buns and butter


12" Rustic Pizza

Mediterranean   22
pesto sauce, artichokes, kalamata olives, 
sundried tomatoes, feta cheese
Margherita      20
tomato herb sauce, bocconcini, basil
Pepperoni  20
tomato herb sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, 
pepperoni, oregano
Forager 22
pesto, white mushroom button, red onion, 
roasted peppers, goat cheese
Veggie  21
roasted garlic oil, eggplant, fresh cherry tomatoes, 
mushrooms, feta cheese, topped with arugula & basil
BBQ Jackfruit Veggie          20
roasted garlic oil, bbq jackfruit, basil, red onion, goat cheese
Ham & Pineapple       20
tomato herb sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, 
pineapple, ham, oregano

Takeout Wines

White Wines

Gancia Pinot Grigio           28
Italy - green apple, white peaches, citrus, elegant

Red Wines

Gancia Chianti            28
Italy - plum, lingonberry, earthy, herbs, oak, smooth, vibrant


Beer & Cider

Strongbow   7
Lone Tree  7
Truck 59 Semi-Dry Raspberry Hibiscus Cider  7
Stella Artois   7
Pilsner Urquell   7
Corona Extra   7
Guinness Can   7
VI Broken Islands IPA  6.5
Hoyne Dark Matter  6.5
VI Dominion Dark Lager  6.5
Hoyne Helios Lager  6.5
Budweiser   6
Kokanee    6
Bud Light   6
Budweiser Zero   5