Dog Friendly Accommodations Vancouver Island


We are pleased to welcome your pets year-round in our Cottage Accommodations* throughout our resort grounds and on the beach.

In order to ensure all guests, pets and people, continue to be welcome, we ask that you have your master follow these simple rules:

  • Bark, bark, woof, woof.
  • Snarl, bark, woof!
  • Woof, woof, bark, grrrrr…
  • Bark, woof, growl.
  • Woof, bark, bark, woof.
  • Woof, yip, yip!!


  • Please keep your master attached to your leash when they are out of the room with you so they don’t get lost.
  • If you see your master making a mess outside, please ask them to clean up after themselves.
  • Ask your master to keep their voices down so they don’t disturb other pets in the Resort.
  • If your master is wet or dirty, don’t let them sit on the furniture or beds as it will not be nice for you to sit or sleep on.
  • Ask your family to stay with you as much as possible, and to not leave you alone in your room unless you are cozy in your crate. You are on vacation too.
  • Don’t forget, you can always get your family a sitter should you not want to leave them alone in the room by themselves. Just ask the front desk!Pets Can Stay Seal - 100px

Important note for MARCH and APRIL guests traveling with pets:

In the spring, Parksville/Qualicum beaches become the sole stopping ground in the long migration journey of Brant Geese. This species of goose is particularly susceptible to human and pet related disturbances, so conservation efforts are undertaken due to a declining number of wild geese remaining. As they need time to rest and regain their strength, specific beaches in the Parksville/Qualicum area are closed to pets throughout the months of March and April including the one with direct access from the resort. To learn about the festival held in their honour or to gain more insight about this amazing migration, click here.

Please note:
A one time $30 charge is levied for 4 legged family members which allows us to deep clean the cottage after departure for future pets and families. As most pets don’t pack well for themselves due to the excitement of a vacation, a welcome amenity including a food dish, toys, a towel and treats will be waiting in your room upon arrival. Additional fees may be levied if after check out, your family has left damage or extraordinary cleaning to be done. * Duplex cottages are only available to be pet friendly units when rented as one unit. Not eligible for pets when rented individually.